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The eCommerce Solutions for Online Stores

E-Commerce Management is intended to assist the managers of nowadays and forthcoming better express the E-Commerce process by integrating business mockups, marketing, and Internet technology.

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Our goal is to reach the chasm!

We give everything technological to make your business as beautiful as the dreams you had in your mind and eventually it would dance in your imagination. So, don’t prevent your imagination to become in the World !


International Presence


SecNet undertakes a wide range of international missions and R&D projects. We are well-known to our customers as a supplier of ICT services to government administrations and the private sector.

Quality & Security

ISO Standards

SecNet is able to meet International Standards working ahead to be a part of ISO 9001. Therefore, our all quality & security strategies take measures in accodance with the standards of ISO 9001.

Human Capital

Indiscriminate Professionalism

SecNet employees are ICT experts and consultants (around 9% PhDs, 38% MSc and 97% BSc or equivalent) in multilingual and multinational with in-depth experience in the delivery of services worldwide.

Financial Figures

Methodoligies in values

SecNets' portfolio of ICT contracts has a value exceeding and have financial strategies with a turnover of one (01) million Malaysian Ringgit for current financial year 2015-2016. We invest around 7% of our turnover in R&D. Our entire investment plan has a value as indicated above.

Corporate Values

SecNet Commitments

We implement on follwoing methodologies:
• Adopting high standards of ethics;
• Guaranteeing highly competitive services;
• Equal Opportunities & Friendly Environment;
• Engaging a highly skilled personnel supported;
• Providing its customers with high quality services.

Environmental Policy

Keen Eye

As a responsible corporate entity, SecNet is committed to protecting the environment in compliance with the environmental laws and the practices of the communities where it operates. We have embraced the principles for all system which have been deploying to our clients.

CCTV Packages

4 Channels

RM 2,550

Made in Taiwan / 1 Year Warrany
  • 04 Channel DVR
  • 04 Cameras
  • 18.5" LCD Monitor
  • Domain Registration
  • Installation & Configration
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8 Channels

RM 4,500

Made in Taiwan / 1 Year Warrany
  • 08 Channel DVR
  • 08 Cameras
  • 18.5" LCD Monitor
  • Domain Registration
  • Installation & Configration
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16 Channels

RM 7,500

Made in Taiwan / 1 Year Warrany
  • 16 Channel DVR
  • 16 Cameras
  • 18.5" LCD Monitor
  • Domain Registration
  • Installation & Configration
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32 Channels

RM 15,600

Made in Taiwan / 1 Year Warrany
  • 32 Channel DVR
  • 32 Cameras
  • 18.5" LCD Monitor
  • Domain Registration
  • Installation & Configration
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About Us

The Security Network Enterprise (SecNet) is a leading Malaysia Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) service provider and software developer. We operate internationally through our offices and antennas in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Dubai. We design, develop, support and promote software ICT applications using integrated, state-of-the-art technology.

Our corporate philosophy establishes the fundamental principles of our management system. Our global operational and performance standards translate the corporate values into specific management expectations. We preserve a high level of business ethics characterized by integrity and honesty in all our business actions. Further, the Quality Assurance Department monitors and controls our expansion process in order to ensure that business development is aligned to corporate goals.

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