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About Us

Company Overview

About Us

The Security Network Enterprise (SecNet) is a leading Malaysia Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) service provider and software developer. We operate internationally through our offices and antennas in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Dubai. We design, develop, support and promote software ICT applications using integrated, state-of-the-art technology.

Our corporate philosophy establishes the fundamental principles of our management system. Our global operational and performance standards translate the corporate values into specific management expectations. We preserve a high level of business ethics characterized by integrity and honesty in all our business actions. Further, the Quality Assurance Department monitors and controls our expansion process in order to ensure that business development is aligned to corporate goals.

General Policy

SecNet recruits well educated, flexible and ambitious people who thrive on change and challenge, are innovative, self-confident and accept responsibility by taking initiative and adapting to a stimulating international working environment.

We seek leadership traits, excellent communication skills, strong academic performance and relevant professional experience. Previous experience in an international or multicultural environment can be very advantageous.

We recruit people intentionally from various nationalities, within their existing national territory to work remotely, in order to allow for a transfer of experiences and bring people of different origins and cultures together on Virtual Private Network (VPN) to achieve a common goal.

SecNet offers highly competitive compensation packages and an excellent career development path. Our diverse workforce and multicultural environment helps our employees to balance their work and personal life. Our employees enjoy continuous learning and professional growth in a dynamic professional environment by using remote access facilities.

Equal Opportunity

SecNet is an equal opportunity employer and applies an Equal Opportunities Policy (EOP) for this purpose. This policy covers all aspects of employment, from advertising of vacancies, selection, recruitment and training for working conditions and reasons for termination of employment.

To ensure that this policy operates effectively we regularly monitor the working environment and take appropriate action if necessary. Our actions are directed to immediately eliminating unlawful direct and indirect discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.

Core Activities

Designing and developing applications and software solutions has been a core and continuous activity of SECNET since its existence. We have developed for a wide range of national and international organizations some of their most popular and successful applications. We have accumulated extensive experience in addressing the needs and requirements of the government sector and big corporations. SecNet provides a wide range of own products, tools and platforms, such as:

  • Point of Sale
  • Financial Suite
  • Online Hotel Reservation Management System

Our Team

Founder / CEO

The SecNet is a secret to explore my passion in the form of business and let me to reveal my skills.


We the SecNet are a technological platform whereby you can find, whatever to immagine :)

Managing Director

The SecNet is one of the leading ICT solution provider company in Malaysia that shows by our portfolio.


We do backup support more than the expectations of our client that proofs the sincerity of SecNet.

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